September 30th, 2008


"Pulse 2:Afterlife Day" and another film screen shots!

Yeah, today is the official release date for Jamie Bamber's new film "Pulse 2:Afterlife".
I cheer hurray!  It's "Puse 2:Afterlife Day"!


OMG! It's totally crazy but I did it! Yeah, I made more than 500 screen shots of the film, especially with the scenes of Jamie ! These can be found on 35 pages in my scrapBook gallery. I can't believe it yet! Hahaha...the last night was very short  for me!

Over one week ago I watched already the film. First I was totally surprised that the film could already be downloaded but I also couldn't resist to do it. I was so curious. Of course I have already purchased a copy and according to my copy was shipped yesterday.Yay! I can't await it! By the way, the film is also available at now again.

I'm not a horror fan but a huge Bamber fan and watched the film therefore. The action is perhaps quite simple but there also were a couple of shocking moments. Take, for example, the bloody scene with uncle Pete and aunt Carmen. This one was a little disgusting. Boh!
I say it however again, Jamie is perfect in this role. Brilliant! He plays an very anxious and loving dad. But in it he has practice with his three sweet kiddies! *g* Huh, I love his scruffy look and his anxious mien and the tears once in a while! Finally, a man which shows feelings!
Karley Scott Collins is also perfect in the daughter role and a cute girl!

In the part one of my gallery were 82 caps at first. Part two begins now on page 6.

Ok, here are all my 545 screen shots or caps of it! 

Hey, who don't want to be spoiled, please look away!!!

Yay, the Bamceps!!!

from the deleted scenes

More here in my gallery!  Enjoy!  *wave*